Walter Oakley

M, #61, b. 3 June 1879, d. 20 July 1974
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Birth*Walter Oakley was born on 3 June 1879 at Horsham, VIC, Australia
Marriage*He married Nellie Eliza Aspland, daughter of William Middleton Aspland and Elizabeth Clarissa Teresa Martin, on 26 April 1905 at Camperdown, VIC, Australia
Newspaper*Walter Oakley was mentioned in an article in VIC, Australia, circa 1970 as follows:

It's been a long, long road for Walter
By David Uren

Mr Walter Oakley drives a vintage car and rides a 50-year-old bicycle.
     He's not a collector. It's just that he has had them both for a very long time.
     Mr Oakley is 90. His wife is also 90. She does not mind him riding a bike but she is not too keen about him driving.
     "But I don't nag him and he doesn't drive too fast," she said.
     "I got my licence in 1908," said Mr Oakley. "To get it I just rode my motorcycle into the Camperdown police station and the policeman said he supposed I could drive and gave me a licence for half a crown."
     Present day drivers? "I suppose they're all right but a lot of the young ones like to show off a bit," he said.
     "I'm still fit," said Mr Oakley. "I suppose it's because I've been contented - and I have a good wife."
     "And another reason is that the pubs wouldn't exist if they depended upon us," added Mrs Oakley.
     "We're good old Methodist church-goers," she said. "We haven't had a lot of pennies but we've been happy and contented."
Death*He died on 20 July 1974 at Pearcedale, VIC, Australia, at age 95. 


Nellie Eliza Aspland b. 18 Jan 1880, d. 5 May 1974