Welcome to my genealogy web pages. As you flip through the pages of my site I hope you find something useful for your own family tree researches. Also, I am always happy to hear from people who can provide additional information on any of the people on this web site or can extend any of the branches with new ancestors or descendants.  My email link is in the page footer.

As I researched the Aspland line in my family tree I came across many Asplands who I couldn't immediately link into my tree.  However, I recorded the details in case I found a link later in my researches.  That is how the information on these web pages was originally collected.  Since placing the information on the Internet many people have helped by providing further information to extend and link those entries until there are now a number of large Aspland family trees in the data.

I hope you find these pages useful in your own researches.


I have only recently started expanding the number of photographs on the web pages. If you have a photograph you would like to include on a person's web page, please contact me via the e-mail link (my name) in the page footer.


Although my personal database contains details of both living and deceased people, in the interests of privacy, the records on this site are normally restricted to those of deceased people only.  There are some cases where a living person has authorised me to include their name on the web pages.  For instance, my own record is included and my mother's.  


If you click on a place name in a person's record the appropriate Place Index page is displayed. You may then click on the G icon to display a map showing where the place is located. You may zoom in or out on the map.

The Map menu button will take you to a page with two maps; one of New South Wales and one of England.  These maps display markers which, if you click on them, will pop up a bubble containing a list of events that took place at that city or town.  Events are not included on these two maps until I have updated a record with GPS co-ordinates.  This is a work in progress that will gradually expand over coming months.


As you browse the web pages you may encounter little picture icons of a camera, document pages, faces etc. The following lists the meaning of each icon.

Click on the icon to view an image/photograph
Click on the icon to view a document
Click on the icon to view more information about a place
Click on the icon to view a PDF document
This icon appears next to a name in an Index if the person's record contains a photograph